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A New Protection Specialist Joins PG Mutual

Posted by / July 30, 2012

A new protection specialist joins PG Mutual – helping protect the incomes of Healthcare Professionals. With a recent survey showing that 74%* of us say that our employer sickness benefits have got worse over the past 12 months, many are now facing a ‘triple whammy’; falling disposable incomes combined with reduced state and employer benefits.  To enable more people to get expert help when selecting income protection cover, PG Mutual has announced the recruitment of an additional protection specialist. Mo […]

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Your Society Highlights the Advantages of Mutuality

Posted by / July 17, 2012

The Financial Services sector seems to be mired in scandal these days, from the miss-selling of PPI to excessive ‘fat cat’ bonuses for City bosses. At a time when the public is questioning who they can trust to look after their financial interests, PG Mutual has seen many people taking an alternative approach when selecting their financial services provider. The benefits of owning a share in your insurer or bank are becoming much better recognised, highlighted by the surge in […]

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PG Mutual launches Essential Cover for Healthcare Technicians

Posted by / April 25, 2012

Many employees receive little or no support from an employer above state sickness pay when off work sick. It can mean a huge drop in income unless the employer is willing to maintain their salary; but this carries the risk of a sick employee becoming a long-term burden which the business cannot afford. The employer may also face claims of unfair discrimination if they choose to support one member of staff when off ill, but not another. To address this, […]

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PG Mutual members to benefit from new partnership with Skipton Financial Services

Posted by / April 5, 2012

PG Mutual has announced a partnership with Medical Insurance Agency (MIA), a trading division of Skipton Financial Services (SFS), to offer its members access to whole of market financial advice through PG Mutual Financial Services. SFS is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Skipton Building Society and is a whole of market financial adviser, which means it is not tied to any provider and can recommend products from across the market place. Its particular specialisms include advising on investments, pensions and inheritance […]

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PG Mutual asks “Do you have a Plan B?”

Posted by / April 3, 2012

For most people, Plan A is being able to maintain their lifestyle, have enough money to do the things they enjoy and to save for the future. For the majority, this is funded through earning a salary; however, surveys suggest that 9 out of 10 UK workers do not have any income protection cover in place* to provide them with an alternative income if they could not work due to illness or injury. With state sickness benefit only worth around […]

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PG Mutual appoints Stephen Schofield as a Sales Manager

Posted by / January 19, 2012

Stephen will take responsibility for the North of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. He will be working alongside Joe Joyce, who is focussing on looking after PG Mutual’s members and supporting key partners across the Midlands, Central and Southern England. PG Mutual’s Chief Executive Mike Perry said today: “We’re very pleased that Stephen has chosen to join us at this exciting stage in the Society’s growth. PG Mutual has posted record new membership figures over the past two years […]

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