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Leading UK Income Protection Insurance Provider’s Record Results Show People are Seeing the Benefit

Posted by / May 29, 2015

Leading UK income protection insurance provider’s record results show people are seeing the benefit of protecting their income… Income protection insurance specialists, PG Mutual, are once again pleased to announce another year of record results for the mutual Society. The results highlight that people are thinking seriously and strategically about their financial situation and the impact a loss of income could have on their family and lifestyle. PG Mutual’s growth is impressive with increases in new members, premiums and the […]

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Travel Insurance and Sunscreen are Not the Only Protection Families Should be Considering

Posted by / May 12, 2015

Travel insurance and sunscreen are not the only protection families should be considering when booking their summer holidays, warns leading UK insurer, PG Mutual. The average British family will spend two whole months’ salary on their summer holiday ^ – but leading income protection providers, PG Mutual Health & Wellbeing, are asking how families would find this money should the main earner lose that income due to an unexpected illness or injury. Despite many people still living on a restricted […]

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Lack of Sick Pay Provision is Latest Threat to Already-Stretched UK Home Owners

Posted by / March 23, 2015

Lack of sick pay provision is latest threat to already-stretched UK home owners, warns leading insurer. As the general election looms, confusion over potential mortgage increases and concerns over housing costs are at a high. Leading provider of income protection insurance, PG Mutual Health and Wellbeing, is warning UK home owners not to ignore the threat income loss due to illness or accident poses to keeping up with their mortgage repayments. UK homeowners seem to have faced threat after threat […]

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One in Two People in the UK Will get Cancer – Could you Afford to be One of Them?

Posted by / March 10, 2015

One in two people in the UK will get cancer – could you afford to be one of them?  New figures released this month by Cancer Research UK have revealed that one in two people in the UK will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lifetime.* It has been said that longer life expectancies mean more people will be affected by cancer – but leading income protection insurer, PG Mutual, are calling on professional people to consider […]

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PG Mutual, Announces Record Results for Fifth Year in a Row – With Members First to Benefit

Posted by / July 10, 2014

Income protection insurance specialists, PG Mutual, are delighted to announce yet another year of record results in 2013 – the fifth year in a row in which the Society has seen premium growth. Despite many financial services providers struggling over the past few years, PG Mutual has continued to flourish, with increases in new members, premiums and the Society’s balance sheet. These record results are not just good news for the Society, but also for their members – with an […]

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4 Million People in Debt to Energy Suppliers, and 2.6 Million Struggling to Pay Their Monthly Bill

Posted by / June 26, 2014

With 4 million people in debt to energy suppliers, and 2.6 million struggling to pay their monthly bills, leading UK insurer asks how households already under financial pressure would cope without their main income Following research released this month by price comparison site, uSwitch, it has been revealed that 4 million households in the UK are in debt to their energy supplier.* This comes in the wake of research by Legal & General, which found that 2.6 million people in […]

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With Debt Problems More Prevalent Amongst the Under 25s, PG Mutual, Asks Why

Posted by / April 16, 2014

With debt problems more prevalent amongst the under 25s, leading insurer, PG Mutual, asks why the majority of young people are still ignoring the importance of insuring their incomes. As a young professional in the UK, it’s not unusual to take out credit in order to finance your lifestyle. From student loans, through to credit cards, car leases and mortgage loans, most people under the age of 25 will have a substantial range of financial obligations. However, it seems that […]

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With Millions Taking Out Loans to Pay for the Festive Excess and Three-quarters of Workers Suffering

Posted by / January 30, 2014

Taking out extra credit has become an increasingly common way to cover the cost of Christmas, but with 4 million people still paying off the cost of Christmas 2012 in November 2013,*** it appears many people are being left with long-term debt – debt that they would struggle to cover should they lose their income unexpectedly due to an illness or injury that forced them onto state sickness pay, which currently stands at just £86.70 per week.^ Leading insurer, PG […]

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Record New Membership Figures From PG Mutual

Posted by / August 2, 2013

Record new membership figures from PG Mutual highlight the increasing popularity of the mutual financial services provider As the mutual sector continues to grow despite the economic crisis, leading not-for-profit insurer, PG Mutual has reported a record increase in new business for 2013 so far. These figures seem to support wider research that has shown the mutual sector to be particularly resilient during the recession, continuing to grow and even increase market share against commercial providers.* PG Mutual, a specialist […]

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Don’t Ignore the Importance of Income Protection

Posted by / July 23, 2013

With over 300,000 employees moving from work to state sickness benefits, and many employers looking to reduce sick pay within the next year, leading not-for-profit insurer PG Mutual warns UK professionals not to ignore the importance of income protection The cost of sick pay to UK businesses has been widely reported on since the start of the recession, with the bill for long-term sickness leave within the private sector estimated at around £3.1bn per year in 2012.* With this in […]

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