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Going from strength to strength in 2023

Posted by / November 29, 2023

We are delighted to announce that our CSR achievements have once again grown in strength this year. At PG Mutual, our aim is to consider the wellbeing of others: our members, employees, partners and suppliers as well as the wider community and environment as a whole. Our 2023 CSR highlights Support for our members PG Mutual telephone support PG Mutual continue to offer a direct line service to its members: we are at the end of the phone to answer […]

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A new take on New Year resolutions

Posted by / January 14, 2019

New Year Resolutions Blog from Agile Humans

This article is a guest post from the founders of Agile Human – a wellbeing specialist that helps individuals and organisations to become more productive, positive and energised. How many of us started last year with some New Year resolutions? Admit it. You’re one of them. And we’re going to bet that some of your resolutions were big, bold and juicy. Perhaps one had the potential to be truly life changing!   Everyone knows that person who was going to […]

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10 ways to make the very best of your summer

Posted by / July 19, 2018

The sun’s hat is firmly on and daylight has kicked darkness into touch for the majority of our waking hours. The British summer is a glorious period to enjoy as much of your day as you can handle, so why not get out there and grab it by the dandelions? Here are ten ideas to make the most of your summer.

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Save someone’s life by giving ten minutes of your time

Posted by / June 13, 2018

Give ten minutes of your time and you might just save someone’s life. Just one of the messages on the agenda for World Blood Donor Awareness Day 2018. You can save someone’s life by giving ten minutes of your time You don’t know them yet. In all likelihood you will never know them. But if you give ten minutes of your time you might just save someone’s life. Here’s how. Blood connects us all: not just a unifying truism, but […]

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Sponsee, Callum Shaikh, Takes on Snowdonia

Posted by / November 28, 2017

Since our last catch up with Sponsee, Callum Shaikh, in September, further progress on his preparation for World Challenge Nepal 2018 has taken place including working his way through his kit list of necessities and organising doctor’s appointments for his upcoming injections and medications. The main goal for Callum and his team’s preparation this autumn has been to try to recreate the natural conditions and challenges as closely as they’ll truly be when in Nepal. Working through difficulties that arise, […]

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Debt-ridden Late Millennials Unable to Save Any Money

Posted by / November 17, 2017

debt-ridden late millennials unable to save any money

Are you aged between 25 and 34 years old? Do you live in rented accommodation? New figures suggest you belong to one of the most financially fragile groups in the UK – and may be struggling to save any money for your future. It’s not easy being a late millennial… New research from Liverpool Victoria* suggests that adults aged between 25 and 34 are among the least financially resilient in the UK. 34% of people within this age bracket would […]

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UK’s Self-Employed Struggling to Make Ends Meet

Posted by / October 17, 2017

New data suggests the UK’s self-employed workforce is saving less than the UK average and spending more on bills. Without income protection cover, they are leaving themselves open to financial crisis. Being self-employed is no walk in the park There are many perks to being self-employed, as your friends are probably constantly reminding you. You are in control of your own time. You have complete accountability. You have freedom. Building a business and putting in the graft to help it […]

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Income Protection Plus Now Covers Horse Riding Activities for Vet Professionals

Posted by / September 27, 2017

Veterinarians and Vet Nurses train for too long to put their income at risk. That’s why we believe that our Income Protection Plus plan is a perfect fit for veterinary professionals to ensure they protect the lifestyle they have worked so hard to achieve. At PG Mutual, we are always looking for more ways in which our Income Protection Plus plan can better benefit our members and the needs of our future members. We recognise that many of our veterinary […]

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Callum Shaikh Reaches a Milestone in His Sponsorship

Posted by / September 22, 2017

You may remember the PG Mutual team sponsored Callum Shaikh on his World Challenge trip to Nepal earlier this year.   We’ve been able to sit down and catch up with Callum to see how he’s been getting on since beginning his sponsorship journey in March 2017. During our catch up, it became clear that Callum has barely missed an opportunity to inch closer to his sponsorship goal! Summer has proved to be a busy yet successful season for him […]

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