Well, well: 4 wellbeing perks available to all PG Mutual policyholders

Posted by / June 23, 2022

There are plenty of perks to being a PG Mutual policyholder. Such as complimentary access to our professional wellbeing services. Here’s how you can benefit.

Be a better version of you  

Life has obstacles sometimes. That’s part of the journey. But when those obstacles begin holding us back, it can take a large toll on our wellbeing.

For many of life’s challenges, a little support or professional insight goes a long way. And whether you are having financial difficulties, struggling with a relationship or in need of legal advice, PG Mutual puts a range of professional support services at your fingertips.

All confidential. All available 24.7. All yours for free.

Here’s a little more about each of the services available.


Counselling is about helping you to make sense of your current obstacles before finding a way to move beyond them. Talking through your current challenges with someone can be daunting – but it’s often incredibly empowering and liberating. It’s a judgement-free space where you can speak about what’s holding you back and why that might be. Often that can be enough to help you to identify a way forward. Counselling services are available ad hoc or as structured plan of six sessions.

Money and debt advice

Managing your money can be complicated. Whether you are trying to tackle debt, reduce your overheads or build a savings pot, talking to a professional can help plot a roadmap for the future. So you are in control of your money, rather than feeling like your money is controlling you.

Legal advice

Knowing your legal rights during a dispute can ease a lot of anxiety and help you to make confident decisions. We give you telephone access to a suite of legal specialists who can offer insight on personal and work-related legal matters including consumer, property, landlord/tenant, family and motoring law.

Care of dependants

No matter how much you love them, caring for elderly or young dependants can put a big strain on your personal life – one that few people can truly understand until they are in your position. As a PG Mutual policyholder you have the option to speak to an experienced advisor on dependent care whenever you need it. They can help to discuss information on state benefits, support groups, care homes and more.

How to access our welfare services

Our welfare services are confidential, free and available 24.7. To book a consultation, visit the PG Mutual Member Area.

Income Protection Plus

Get a quick quote to protect your income during times of illness or injury at pgmutual.co.uk. Or call us to discuss any questions on 0800 146 307.

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