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Posted by / January 14, 2013

We’ve launched our new fast, improved online service to help eliminate the need for complicated insurance price comparisons for busy UK workers.

As many people find their money more stretched than ever with the aftermath of Christmas and the current economic climate, the number of people choosing to take out insurance to protect their income in the event of unexpected illness or injury is ever-increasing.* However, for those who are looking into income protection insurance for the first time, it can appear to be confusing, or potentially costly. 

Many of us have an idea of how much we would be willing to spend on insurance per month, but trawling through comparison sites trying to find cover at the right price can be a daunting prospect – and with the majority of people working longer hours than ever**, finding the time to find the right insurance can be difficult.

In response to the rapid increase in people applying for income protection, and to help those who are concerned about costs, we are launching an improved Quick Quote and online application process, which allows you to set the amount that you are willing to pay for insurance per month, and then apply quickly and easily for cover via their new online system. Once you have submitted an application, you will then be contacted by one of our UK-based Membership Team, who can guide you through the process of setting up your insurance.

“We know how little time people have these days, and how vital it is that people are clear on what products such as insurance will actually cost them per month” says David Zerny, PG Mutual’s Marketing Manager.

“As such, we wanted to put in place a system that makes it clear, easy and quick to apply to protect your financial security. A lot of our members are surprised at how little it costs to insure their income; this new online system is designed to help more people avoid running an unnecessary risk to their ability to look after themselves and their family in the event of illness”.

For more information on income protection insurance from PG mutual, or to check out the Quick Quote and new online application system, visit

*PG Mutual – December 2012

** – January 2012

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