PG Mutual asks “Do you have a Plan B?”

Posted by / April 3, 2012

For most people, Plan A is being able to maintain their lifestyle, have enough money to do the things they enjoy and to save for the future. For the majority, this is funded through earning a salary; however, surveys suggest that 9 out of 10 UK workers do not have any income protection cover in place* to provide them with an alternative income if they could not work due to illness or injury.

With state sickness benefit only worth around £300 a month** PG Mutual’s new advertising campaign emphasises the need for people to think about their own Plan B.

“In the current economic climate, at a time when everyone is acutely aware of rising living costs, we want to encourage healthcare professionals to ask themselves “Have I got a Plan B?” At PG Mutual we offer Income Protection Insurance that can help maintain your current lifestyle, with cover available from the first day of illness or injury. Our members can then rest assured that they have their Plan B in place” says Mike Perry, CEO of PG Mutual.

PG Mutual is a Friendly Society, dedicated to looking after the needs of healthcare professionals. To get a quotation visit or call 0800 146 307.

* Source:, April 2012
**Employment Support Allowance is £67.50 a week. Source:, March 2012

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